Zeutschel OS 12002 Advanced

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คุณสมบัติ OS 12002 Advanced

Description overhead tabletop scanner for books, newspapers and large-format documents (certificates, drawings, maps)
Scan area 625 x 460 mm (> DIN A2)
Scan mode Color; 4 channels, RGB- Color and Grey in total 43200 Pixel
True color processing 42 bit color | output 24 bit color, 14 bit gray scale | output 8 bit gray scale, 1 bit b/w | output 1 bit b&w
Maximum resolution 600 ppi
Scan speed 4 sec /400 ppi
Auto focus approx. 50 mm
User software Omniscan 12 / 64 bit, with multi-thread function (optional)
Book holder Advanced version: with glass plate, adjustable to 90°, automatic opening of glass plate after scan cycle
Working Mode manual
Maximum book thickness 100 mm with glass plate, 150 mm without glass plate
Scanner interface Gig E
Data display all the standard image formats, for example, TIFF uncompressed, TIFF G4, JPEG, JP2, Multipage TIFF, PDF, Multipage PDF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PCX
Operating System Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 – alternatives on request
Accessories (optional) PC, monitor, lockable scanner table, different bookends
Dimensions (w x d x h) 955 x 880 x 1312 mm
Work space (w x d) 700 x 720 mm
Weight approx. 70 kg
Power requirement 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.1 A, other voltages on request


News: September 2017 – From the British Library into the Internet – with scanning technology “Made in Germany”


  • Digitization of historic stock with 22 overhead scanners from Zeutschel, the Tübingen-based company in Germany.
  • High image quality with up to 600 dpi optical resolution and up to A0 format
  • Current project: 40 million pages from the historical newspaper archive

The British Library is using German scanning expertise to digitize its valuable books, manuscripts and journals. Twenty-two scanning systems from Zeutschel, the Tübingen-based company in Germany, have been tasked with carefully and efficiently scanning the historic documents in the digitization center of the library – https://www.bl.uk/digitisation-services/bulk-digitisation.

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